Re-Creating My Entire Kitchen from Pine to Pretty

Re-Creating My Entire Kitchen from Pine to Pretty

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Please excuse the mess, we live here!!

We completely gutted our kitchen and had this custom kitchen built for us in 2004 and at the time we LOVED it! We love pine because of its character and knots but it is a soft wood, so we opted for knotty alder. Remember when wood wood and lots of wood was really in style?

The best part was the lovely terracotta tiles…UGH, what were we thinking?!

 If you’ve ever been quoted on a brand new kitchen renovation, it can cost anywhere from $20,000 -$100,000 depending on what you want done. I’ve wanted to paint the cupboards for a few years but I felt guilty covering this nice wood. I know many of you feel the same when painting some furniture pieces. BUT it was time, she had lost her sparkle and was looking wayyy too old and dated!

I LOVE chalk style paints for sooo many reasons, and of course I used FAT Artisan Chalk Style Paint made here in Canada (which I also retail) I decided to use ‘chalk white’, a stark white color, because I really wanted to brighten up my kitchen and stay classic as well.

It’s winter here and a freezing -20 outside and the garage was just as cold so I decided to paint everything in the house. FAT paint has no stinky odor and it’s super easy to clean up with soap & water so I got straight to work. I laid out garbage bags across my entire dining room and then laid out all the cabinet doors.  Before I did any painting I scrubbed every inch of the cupboards so there was no greasy residue left on them. Another reason I love FAT Paint is that I didn’t need to prime or sand or strip my cupboards before painting them! What?! yup it’s true, the adhesion is incredible.

EASY TIP….I never tape off glass or mirrors when I paint with FAT Paint because its so easy to wipe off!!

I Love, Love, Love the look of glaze on cabinets!

Applying glaze gives cabinets some dimension with a unique character filled look without looking dirty. I used our Alberta Dames Soft Gray Glaze. In this picture the top cabinet has been Grey Glazed and the bottom is just painted white. See all that time worn beauty?! YIPEEE!

Now, for the big reveal……DRUM ROLL PLEASE….

I am in LOVE with my new kitchen!! I feel like a little kid at Christmas every-time I walk in. I want to kiss the cupboards! HeeHeeHee
We did buy new tiles….sometimes there is no coming back from that mess! Here is a close up of the new tiles.

I just LOVE them!!

Here is a close up picture of the cabinets! SWOON!


I can’t even stand it.. I turn all the lights off at night except the chandelier and just stare at her in all her glory!

Remember these open corner cabinets? I don’t know what we were thinking leaving these open with a house full of kids and dogs! I think I just didn’t want the old lazy susan style, and we planned on putting cute baskets in them but it was impossible to find ones that fit so they just got left as is. My awesome hubby built wooden crate/drawers for them that I stained Grey. I just had to add some pretty hardware then I finished it off by adding one of our new Furniture Stamps!! GASP…It is just so pretty!!

You probably noticed the new white counter-tops? We decided to stay on budget and rather than spend thousands of dollars replacing it we found a product called Rustoleum Counter-top Transformations that you apply right over your existing counter-tops! You can purchase this at most home improvement stores.

It’s so hard to capture in pictures but its White with tiny sparkles in it (love it)

It turned out beautiful and so far it is ‘wearing’ amazing!

I hope that I have inspired you and showed you how you can transform your space into one you love, without having a huge renovation and the big bills that go with it.

If you still feel a bit intimidated we do teach a Kitchen Cabinet Workshops where we teach you all of our tips and tricks and we know that you will leave feeling very comfortable and confident enough to paint your own kitchen. Our workshops are on the website

Here is a list of EVERYTHING I used and the cost:
4 quarts of FAT Paint in Chalk White $160
5- 10oz jars of Alberta Dames Soft Grey Glaze $125
A pint of top coat $34
1 pack (4 sheets) of 600 grit Sandpaper $6
1- 1.5″ Paint brush (for FAT Paint) $15
1-1″synthetic brush (for top coat) $5
Total cost $345…if you didn’t glaze it would be $220!!! AMAZING!!

I am always amazed at how a little elbow grease (ok it was more than a little but really it wasn’t bad at all) and with some paint, how you can completely transform a space!

Here’s one last before and after…












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11 thoughts on “Re-Creating My Entire Kitchen from Pine to Pretty”

  1. I love it and have been debating for a year to paint over the oak in my house ,cabinets trim and baseboards too, now I think I will for sure!

  2. Ok ok, oh my heart…!!!!!!!
    I just got cupboards re painted white, with a new white farm kitchen sink,
    and galvanized stuff, big round grey mirror, from Bouclair, etc.
    But, that chandelier in the window….I have the grey round thingny…
    but I think I really need that chandelier…lol…
    It’s over the sink, what kind of light does it give, to work at, at the sink,
    at night ???
    Thanks, and thanks Wendy, from Front Porch Mercantile, for passing this
    beautiful kitchen on.

  3. Ok I just relooked at the pictures, and I see the chandelier, is in the nook…
    So now, maybe over my table, it is a very small kitchen.
    You know what, when you can I would consider a big white apron porcelain. Sink..( can’t think of the proper name)
    It’s way worth it, I just got the 28 inch one, and absolutely love it. It’s actually kind of the size of a sink and a half.
    Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful, love the idea of a chandelier, in the breakfast nook.
    Just Awesome !!!

  4. I see you painted your cupboards in February 2017. How have they held up to normal wear and tear. They are beautiful.

    1. HI Karen,
      It has been a year this month that I painted my kitchen and I am so impressed with how it is holding up! It looks as great today as it did day 1!

  5. Thank you for this post – we just moved to Alberta, and are lucky enough to have a huge kitchen with good bones, just no style. Now I’ve seen what can be done, I’m inspired! Thank you for sharing the info

    1. Hi Rosemary,
      Yahoo! We are so happy that we have inspired will love your new kitchen! We have 2 shops, 1 in Airdire ab & 1 in Cochrane Ab if you ever want to pop by we’d love to meet you

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