DIY A Brick Wall In A Snap!

DIY A Brick Wall In A Snap!

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So I have this cute little entry wall, 9ft tall by 6ft wide. It’s the perfect wall for a gallery wall, that I have done before. It’s perfect for a huge mirror, that I have done. It’s perfect for a bench, dresser or console table that I have done. SOMETHING just doesn’t flow right!! Here is the wall…

We received some new designs from our furniture sized stamps line, from Iron Orchid designs. One of them is a brick wall pattern. YES, I am doing it!

I used the 12″x12″ rubber stamp brick pattern, the Warm Grey decor ink, and the foamie pad for the ink. I started in the corner and on the top of the baseboard. I used the foamie that was full of ink , and dabbed it on the rubber stamp to make sure it was covered in ink. I then placed it on the wall and applied pressure over all parts of the stamp then lifted it off and BAM! There is was, the perfect textured brick wall look!!!!

YOU GUYS, these stamps are SO detailed right down to the texture of a stone, to the shading even.

It is actually so stunning I cannot even describe it properly!

I’ll admit…I didn’t plan to do this wall the second I saw the stamps, BUT I had to! I pushed the chest out of the way , threw down a canvas and started. Here is a link to my time lapse video showing me stamping the wall. Because I didn’t prep properly, I had to run out and find a hammer, then the kids and their friends interrupted no less then 45 times, then I had to find a chair, then a ladder so this definitely took much longer then it would have normally. I bet I would have been done in 15-20 minutes tops (considering I did my bedroom wall in 20, look for that post below)

Click HERE to see the video

Just look at this wall with all the decor back on it…..SWOON isn’t a big enough word! I keep rubbing it. If one day comes when I want to change it, EASY, I just paint over the ink and do something new!

I figured out that this wall was surrounded by 3 other big grey walls and it was so plain that nothing was working flow wise. Now that it has the brick on it, it has so much depth and dimension and the look of texture. It is a perfect space now that I am very happy with!

Keep Reading to see Annie’s Brick wall transformations…

We had 3 rooms in our house that were in desperate need of a makeover and when our new brick stamp arrived I knew it would do the trick! I swore off wallpaper years ago after we bought our house. Every, and I mean EVERY wall was covered with wallpaper and I spent weeks removing it..yuck! So when I saw the brick stamp I was sold! All I had to do was wash the wall and stamp it..easy peasy..really..and when I redecorate all I have to do is paint over it! No messy glue or paper to remove!

I LOVED this brick stamp so much that I have used it on 3 walls so far!!  It instantly changed the whole room with very little work!
Here is my upstairs ‘powder room’ wall…

zzzzz..VERY BORING! It was the perfect small space to try out the new stamp! I quickly washed the wall and got started. I used the white decor ink with the ink pad just like Jenny did and got to work!

In less than an hour and about 1/2oz of ink it was done!! I am so happy with how it turned out!


I loved the brick stamp so much that I did 2 more is my daughter’s room before..

Its a nice light grey, very pretty but a bit boring and she wanted something funky and unique (she’s 15) We were originally going to stamp the wall behind her bed but we loved it so much we decided to do a wall that you can see the whole wall..

For this wall I used FAT chalk paint ‘chalk white’ with a foam roller on the link below to see a quick how to:

Voila! My Daughter absolutely LOVES it (which if you have a teenage daughter you know that anything you like they don’t haha so this was a HUGE deal)! The wall is very soft looking, with the light grey wall & white brick (makes it hard to take a picture of it) but in person it is GORGEOUS!! It adds a completely different feel to her room! This wall took me about an hour and less than 4oz of paint!


Last but not least, I decided to do our new spare room. This is my sons old room that we made into our new spare room.

I scrubbed the walls (you’ll understand if you have a teenage boy… yuck) and painted over the dill pickle color with the same light grey as my daughters room. Just that alone was a HUGE improvement..


it was very soft and inviting as is but I know it will be even better with the subtle brick wall!! This wall took me 1 hour and 3-4oz of chalk paint!

What do you think?! We both loved how easy and fast this was!

Here are a couple of sample boards of other colors..



This is black ink over a white background







The left is white ink over a light blue background & the right side is soft grey ink over light blue







If you love these transformations and want to try them,come and take our intro to Stamping and Advancing To Walls Workshop, Here is the link

Click on the link below to purchase your brick stamp (quantities are limited for the moment BUT you are able to back-order them to guarantee yours!)


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  1. Sent this link to my friend Debbie in Ontario and she ordered it…… you mailed it last week and it arrived in her mailbox in New Lowell this morning!
    She is excited to try it and I am going to order one too!

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